Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Days...

Hilary Weeks came and spoke at a Stake Women's Conference a couple of years back. I saw this posted on You Tube and I had a good laugh and then I cried a bit ;) but I though you might enjoy....

Of course my days are a little different, they don't include the exercise and we have Lucky Charms for breakfast.


  1. Even though those days shouldn't even be a memory for me since the oldest is 40 and the youngest is almost 30 and there were 6 total, this remembrance song totally fits the majority of my days through years and years. That's why my 4 friends with similar days started going with me to Ed Wk for a week of supposedly finding out the best and most spritual ways to live these days. Not that they weren't good. The midnight talks were WAY more instructive! (We all are still married and there was never a capital crime amongst us)