Sunday, February 22, 2009

Random Pics from December

I found these pictures today and they made me smile so I thought I would share. Enjoy!

I love Pooh Bear's sense of style. She is one of a kind!
The gingerbread house that these two crazy girls made for Christmas.
Drama's getup for the Best Bed Head contest at the Ward Christmas Party.
The two princess all dolled up to go to the Nutcracker.Mark likes to torture The Boss with socks and blocks and baby dolls.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Boss Finds a Snack

Today I was in a baking mood so I made a double batch of oatmeal cookies (my favorite) and three loaves of banana bread (yummy). While I was uber concentrating on the baking, The Boss was rummaging through the pantry. I wasn't really paying attention to her, because she was quiet, safe, and happy, and she likes to play with the puddings and fruit cups. That is until I realized what she had gotten into. She can obviously take care of herself as I captured here in this video. . . (btw, I took this with Pooh Bear's new camera. It does so many cool things. I've got to get a new camera, Pooh Bear's got way better stuff than I do!)

If I ever totally loose my mind, she will not starve. As long as we have crackers on the low shelves in the pantry.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Food Storage Brain Freeze

I was reading my March Ensign today and came across an article about Family Home Storage. I have always thought that I do pretty well at this food storage thing. I have basement shelves full of caned and boxed food as well as the big cans of random dried veggies, fruits, flour and sugar. But lately I have been thinking, "If I had to live on my "food storage" for a month or even a week, could we eat solely from our food storage? And what exactly constitutes food storage? The cans and boxes and bags, sure but what about the freezer full of meat? Does that count? And could we really eat the freeze dried veggies and fruit if we had to?" All the church material is pretty vague and I need details people!

What do you all do for your food storage? What are some of your ideas for what you store and how you plan to use it in the future or how you use it now?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I'm trying out the Menu Plan Monday Game from the I'm an Organizing Junkie blog. I have to have a menu if we are going to eat at home (and not have pizza every night) during the week. I make a menu every week but this week I am posting it because there is a little contest and you all know how I feel about free stuff. So here it is, my menu plan for this week! (Don't deny it, I know you're excited.)

Monday: Chicken Cutlets w/ bacon, rosemary and lemon
Tuesday: Crockpot Scalloped Potatoes and Ham
Wednesday: French Dip Sandwiches
Thursday: Italian Sausage and Potato Soup
Friday: Leftover Extravaganza
Saturday: Hawaiian Teriayki Chicken and Rice (from the freezer, yea this one is already done!)
Sunday: Lasagna Rolls (thanks Scott, I can't wait to try this one!), salad, and we're trying to make Lion House Rolls, again.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Now that's Fancy, Nancy!

It was the Valentine's Day Party today at school. We couldn't just go with regular ol' hair, now could we? If you think that I am the creative genius behind this cute do, don't get too excited. There are so many great hair blogs out there and I got the idea from SheDoesHair. Drama's teacher liked it so much that she had her show the other 2nd grade teachers and posted this on the classes website (scroll all the way to the bottom). I thought about what I could do to the Boss' hair but since there isn't that much to work with, she was spared from the hair torture today! Too much fun!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Boss!

The Boss had a super fun birthday! Turning 1 has got to be the best birthday. She loved her cupcake but Mark didn't think that she got enough on her face so he helped her out a little bit. She also enjoyed sharing her cupcake with him.

After the cake and presents, The Boss decided to help Mark pack for his business trip.
It was a fun day. The next day we went to the doctor for her 1 year checkup. She's our tiniest kiddo, she only weighs 19 pounds (that's fine with me because I don't want to lug around any more that I have too)! But she's health and happy and such a joy.

I can't believe that she is already 1. The year has gone way too fast. Happy Birthday Boss, we love you!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Last Day of Year 0

Today is The Boss' last day being 0. She was way too cute today to not take these pictures. She was helping me make dinner and was having a great time doing it!

We also got the safety tats in the mail (Friday - that's why Drama's hair isn't done. Friday is Drama's "do your own hair day") and wanted to test them out right away (of course). Here are the girls sporting their cool tats. (yes, Billie, that's my Sonic, the only one of the day btw, in the background;)

Today was a surprise "no school" day. I swear I gotta pay closer attention. I discovered it Saturday, so I didn't actually get to school or anything, but we weren't prepared for a stay home day. All worked out well. Luckily we have fun friends that we like to play with and had a great day doing that.

Tomorrow for the BIG birthday party we are having rice for dinner, The Boss' fave, cupcakes for dessert, and of course one or two presents. We went low key this year. When you are turning one and the box and wrapping paper are the best part of the present, Mom doesn't feel like you need a whole lot! It's more fun to play with her sister's things anyway. They are really patient with her. They try to play littlest pet shops, while protecting their toys from The Boss but not getting too mad at her. They are great big sisters!