Monday, June 28, 2010

Swimming Lessons

We love swimming lessons and look forward to them every summer. This year Drama was in Level 4 and Pooh Bear was in Level 3.
~apparently I'm not sneaky enough~
 ~Drama swimming like a dolphin through the hoop~
~Drama's backstroke~
~pooh bear was always negotiating with her teacher, no wonder she didn't quite pass ;)~
~waiting for her turn or lost in thought?~
~she wasn't a big fan of getting her face wet, thus the negotiating~

While the big girls were swimming, the little girls were playing outside and having a great time.
~the Boss loved to use this little wall as a balance beam~
~and was always trying to hide from me and getting in trouble....~
~while Bea just wanted to practice her walking skills~
~or try to eat our dropped goldfish crackers out of the grass~

ALL Horse Parade

June 24, 2010
~The whole crew~
~We are serious about our parades around here~
~Look at all my choppers~
~Is it ever going to start? Wake me when it does.~
~Miss Drama~
~What in the world.....~
 ~Horsey, Horsey, Horsey!!!!!!~
~We were serious candy collectors~
I had to get a video of The Boss shouting "Horsey, Horsey, Horsey!!!!!!" and jumping up and down (all I had was my phone, so it's not great). She literally had our parade neighbors laughing so hard. Pooh Bear was worried about her getting trampled by the horsies, so she had enlisted some random boys help and was trying to get her back to the curb.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Grand Parade(s)

We just finished up Lehi Round-Up Rodeo week. Always big excitement for our fair city. With Round-Up week comes parades. Lots of parades. Our favorite is the Horse Parade, which was a big hit this year and will merit a post all it's own. But this year we were IN

the Grand Parade

The Grand Parade is really a bunch of Ward floats, some bands, school sports groups, and a few businesses. Our ward doesn't do a float every year, but this year we participated. The theme was "Guess What I Saw, Under a Tree ... All the Little Creatures God Created for Me."

All the little primary kids dressed up as bugs and walked behind the float, except Pooh Bear got to ride on the float as the Queen Butterfly. She was so very excited to be on the float.
~waiting patiently for the parade to begin, Saturday morning~

So, for some reason, this parade happens twice. Once Friday night (they judge the floats this time around) and once Saturday morning (where you get to flaunt your award).
~ trying to stay cool, Friday night~

~she's already smudged her face paint and we haven't even started moving~

Our float won the "Mayor's Award" and Drama was honored to carry the award in front of our procession. 

It has been cool/cold all month long but warmed up just in time for it to be uncomfortably warm along the parade route. But all the kids were troopers and were having too much fun to complain. I walked along with the float as one of the "parent helpers" and by the time we got home on Saturday I was exhausted. You know you are tired when you fall asleep on The Boss' bedroom floor and still get in a good nap even though you are sleeping on a pile of board books and several legos!

Apparently Pooh Bear was just as tired as I was....

Friday, June 11, 2010

Help, I Need Somebody...


A) fix my blog and
2-fix my baby's ear.

First let me say that I tried to change one small little thing on my blog layout and because blogger changed the way the templates are my blog looks like this....wack-a-doodle-ness...... and I haven't figured out how to fix it. I'm working on it, but computer literacy is not my strong suit. Grrrrr.

I'm already frustrated tonight because poor little Bea's ear infection is back. She has already been through all the available oral antibiotics so they have moved on to the shot version. They were worried the dose was high for one little leg so they split it into two shots and each leg got a shot of it's very own. She was so sad which made me sad....sigh.

We get to go back to the doctor tomorrow and then on Monday for 2 more sets of shots. Poor baby.

If this doesn't work our next stop is the ENT for what I am sure will be more very pleasant, happy visits.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In The Zone

There is nothing like a beautiful summer-ish day and a swing.

It's the sort of day when you are like a fairy flying through the air. Or a butterfly, she had butterfly wings on earlier.

The Boss could swing ("wing") for hours - if I would push her for that long.

I won't and she refuses to learn how to pump.

She gets so relaxed when she "wings", she barely hangs on and looks dreamily off into space. If she were any more relaxed she'd be asleep.

This time I pushed her for 45 minutes. We had to stop so I could go in and start dinner. Psh, dinner.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The One Where Aria Gets A Nickname

Okay, Okay, Okay already! I will announce to the world Aria's nickname. Several of you have asked me if we had thought of a nickname for her and I told you what it was. Well, I was wrong. As with many things in my life (too, too many things) The Boss made the final decision. I can have an opinion, sure, but in the end she makes all the decisions. 

 "And so without further gilding the lily and with no more ado, I give to you. . . "


or if you prefer


I know, kinda anti-climatic. But eh, what-cha gonna do 'bout it?

So, the story goes...I had a very cute nickname picked out, all ready to go, just needed to write the blog post and get it out there. Then The Boss decided to start (trying) to call things by what they are, i.e. B is for Baby (B is also for blanket, which she has much fonder affections for), Yo is for yogurt, Bou is for Book, Ju is for Juice, etc. Now that we have started expressing ourselves, the day typically goes something like this:

The Boss: "No, B, No! Mine!" (sometimes with a well placed shove, okay usually.)
Or when B has been slobbering on a toy that The Boss picks up, "Eeewww, B, growss."
A personal fav, "Go away, B!"

I hear it all the time, now I call her B too. (I've also started calling yogurt Yo. But that's just plain fun.)

So, there it is. I guess it's only fitting. My little brother gave me a nickname when he first started talking that stuck with me for a long while, "MeMe" and my friend Emily's little brother called her Emoe (M.O.E.) so her nickname became Moe. 

Here's to siblings that can't talk right yet and the great things that they say and make their parents interpret.
ps - if you can guess where the quote came from (the gilding the lily one) give yourself a big gold star. Billie? Got it? Hey also a "B", you're in good company.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Tent City

April 26, 2010

For Drama's 2nd Christmas Santa gave her 3 pop up tents and 2 tunnels. They all attach together in different configurations and, bonus, they fold up flat and slide under the couch. These have been the best gift ever. Every child and friend loves to play in these. Drama and Pooh Bear love to do their daily reading in them as well.
It should probably come as no surprise that The Boss and Aria love to play in them as well.