Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Random Comments

Pooh Bear, during the Sacrament on Sunday, "I hate church! Well, I hate the boring parts!" Laughter for rows in all directions.

Monday, March 30, 2009

My New Toy

Lately, I have been obsessing over my food storage and I have decided that I want, no need, a bread maker. But I was also a little worried about spending a lot of money and then deciding that I didn't really want, or need, a bread maker. Mark found this not so little gem on KSL classifieds for totally cheap, I'm not the only savvy shopper in this house.Now I can actually rotate that 3 months supply of flour (I'm working up to the wheat and then Mark will have to find me a wheat grinder on the cheap!) I have been experimenting with bread recipes/combinations but no one around here seems to mind eating the experiments. ;)

Yesterday, we had one of our super fun Lehi spring storms. This one ripped all the siding off of our chimney and dumped a healthy amount of snow on the ground. Mark ran around like a crazy person in the middle of the storm trying to collect all the swirling siding so we can try and reattach it. It made me miss the couple of warm days we had the week before. The Boss enjoyed playing out side. She's obviously a shopper too.and when it all comes apart on you..... that's OK too.
Also, I always knew I had amazing friends but I recently read this article about a friend of mine from High School. She is truly awesome!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Things You Find

We cleaned out our storage unit a couple of weekends ago and are in the process of going through boxes and editing and purging our things. We have come across some fun things and I thought I would share this gem. It's a wedding card from Scott and John to Mark and I. It was very touching.
John writes: "Amy: You better get used to the smell of gas J/K, I hope Marks the prfect husben for you!
Mark: I hope I can find girl up at ricks as cute as amy! be a great husben! (I gave the book!)"

Scott writes: "Amy - It's my deepest regret for your marraige to my bozo brother.
Mark: It's too bad you found a girl this good."

The last part is in different handwriting and I'm not sure who wrote it but it says: "Good Luck with stepping over each other at every moment."

Friday, March 20, 2009

Random Comments of the Week

Here is my newest segment that will surely become a routine feature.

Pooh Bear, “Mom, who made Jesus?”
Mom, “Ahhhh, Heavenly Father?”
Pooh Bear, “Oh. Who made Heavenly Father?”
Mom, “Ahhhh, Honey, I haven’t had my sonic yet this morning. I can’t get this existential, this early in the morning.”

Drama, “I LOVE shopping!”

Pooh Bear, “Why did Leprechauns’ decide to wear green? I don’t like green. Why didn’t they wear pink? Pink is my favorite color, it would have been much better."

The Boss, "Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It Comes and Goes

My creative genius comes and goes. Well, really, my ability and tenacity to steal ideas from others and make them for my own, comes and goes. Today is one of those "creative" days for me.

I have been (trying) to follow this house cleaning program set up by a woman that lives near us in Highland. She came and did an Enrichment Meeting for my ward a couple years back about organizing for the holidays. Honesty, this woman is kinda annoying in a soft spoken, gentle reminder kinda way but she has a pretty good system. Every chore that you should do in a day/week/month/year is written on individual 3x5 cards and each morning you pull out the cards for the day, lay them out on the counter and then put them away as you finish the task. My old container for all of my 3x5 cards was an old Tupperware container. Not very attractive. I recently found a blog where someone had this similar idea but they made really cute boxes for their cards. Of course I thought to myself, "I could make that sooo easily." And I did. Here it is:


Back:Inside:Now my cards can sit out on the counter in their pretty little box and I will be happy to do my chores each day because I can look at my pretty little box. (Yea.) Let's see, number of chores done today = 1. I spent most of the morning looking for the blog, I knew it was out there somewhere. Then I had to go to Roberts and then I had to make the thing! But tomorrow, man, look out! Oh, Ella has gymnastics and I might have this other thing. . . .

And here is The Boss "helping" me with my project:
Since Mark is out of town tonight, the girls and I are going shopping for Easter Dresses. Drama will be in heaven. We will take pictures and post as soon as we find the perfect dresses. Heaven help me.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Food Storage Brain Defrost and Going Green

Lately I have been over obsessed with my food storage. To be brutally honest, everytime I turn to Mark and say "Can I ask you a question?" He says to me, "I don't know is it about food storage again?" Well, after tons of research, where I found that food hordars are also gun lovers (yikes), I found this amazing site call "Food Storage Made Easy." After I read through just a little bit of this site I felt sooooo much better. It also helped me to get my 3 month plan together, alleluia. I have even started to fill my shelves with my three month supply, thank you Smiths mega event! Yea for me!

This morning the girls found that the st. patties leprechauns had paid us a visit. Green milk and green cream cheese sounded better in theory than in real life. And I had to explain to the girls several times that I had just put food coloring in them and they were the same things they ate every other morning, it was just a different color!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Disneyland 2009

Disneyland 2009 was a wild ride! We had a great time and came home so tired. We flew in Saturday morning and by lunchtime we were in the park and overloading on fun. When we checked into the hotel our rooms weren't ready so they upgraded us to the Ambassador Suite, a 1400 sqft, bigger than my first two apartments together, with two bedrooms, three bathrooms, living room and dining room. It was a monster room. The Boss slept great because she had her own room and didn't have to listen to Mark snoring!

Drama and Pooh Bear maxed out on fun, riding their favorite rides two and three times. Pooh Bear was sad on the flight home because her wish didn't come true, she want to stay in Disneyland FOREVER! I, personally, couldn't have done another day. I was beat and am still recovering from all the fun. The Boss was in awe and wonder at all the colors, lights, people and sounds. She won't remember a thing but she's in the pictures! (and pretty cute too)

Here's a rundown of what we did:

-left home for the airport at 6 am
-ate lunch and In and Out Burger
-checked into Disneyland Hotel too early and were upgrade to super fab room
-headed to the park. It was super crowded today but we had fun anyway.
-ate dinner at the Plaza Inn on Main Street
-Grandma, Grandpa, The Boss and I headed back to the Hotel early and found we were locked out of our room. Grandpa stopped to listen to the music in Downtown Disney, and Grandma and I, being confident I could find our way back to the room, moved on. When we got to what we thought was our room, the key didn't work. What! I know how to get into a hotel room. Is this the right room? Yes, we had the right room we just had a mix up with the keys. After a few minutes Grandpa emerged in the hallway and let us into the room, thankfully. We got the keys fixed with the issues and never had a problem after that.
-Drama, Pooh Bear and Dad stayed late at the park and got in as much fun as they could.

-got all messed up because of jumping time zones and daylight saving changes
-had super fun at the magic morning. We rode every ride in Fantasy Land before the park opened. It was a much less crowded day today.
-The Boss and I went back to the room at lunch time for her nap (and maybe I took one too), while Grandma, Grandpa, Dad, Drama and Pooh Bear stayed at the park.
-Everyone came back from the park and the girls went swimming in the neverland pool at the hotel, and I went shopping in Downtown Disney - brought back delicious beignets to share, yummy.
-Went dinner at Buca De Beppo's for delic italian.
-Grandma and Grandpa stayed at the Hotel and put The Boss to bed while Drama, Pooh Bear, Dad and I went back to the park for more rides, Fantasmic and Fireworks.
-Pooh Bear falls asleep on the walk back to the hotel while Dad carries her and Drama barely makes it back in one piece.

-Slept in, to about 6:30 am because that's sleeping in for my kids. And took our time getting ready for the day.
-Grandma stayed at the hotel with The Boss so she could take a good morning nap, while everyone else headed to California Adventures. We were practically the only ones there, except for the toy story ride. That must have been where everyone was hanging out because that ride was pretty busy.
-After lunch we met up with Grandma and The Boss and headed over to Disneyland. There we met up with Mark's cousins Steven, Ben and company. We hung out with them for a while. The older "kids" went on the Indiana Jones ride and the younger ones went to the Tikki Room and had a snack.
-We ate Dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, Drama's request. It was yummy, especially the volcano made of chocolate cake and ice cream! The Boss wasn't too sure of the Giant Gorilla that was right by our table and would move and make noise every now and again.
-Called it a day and headed back to the hotel.

-After we located and packed up all of our stuff, we headed back to the park. Grandma and Grandpa stayed at the hotel with The Boss and kept her pretty busy.
-We rode the last of the rides that we hadn't caught on previous days, toontown stuff, the boat thing that goes through all the mini villages and stories.
-Most importantly the girls had their faces painted. Drama was a cat and Pooh Bear had swirllies and hearts. This was a big hit as you can imagine.
-Then we set out on a mission (1) to find the perfect hat and (2) to find a snowglobe for Pooh Bear. Both of which we accomplished without any problems. Drama also found some fun princess rings and they all got tee shirts.
-We split up, Dad went with Drama to try and ride Big Thunder Mountain and I went with Pooh Bear first to the buzz lightyear ride 2nd to the pooh bear ride and then she wanted to go back to autopia! In that order of course. Luckily, after the pooh bear ride we met up with Grandma and The Boss and waited for everyone else to finish riding Big Thunder Mountain. And then we all went over towards autopia. Stopping 1st at Snow Whites castle, where Pooh Bear made her wish (see above) and then Grandma, Grandpa, Drama and Pooh Bear had one last harra at autopia.
-That was all we had time for, so we said goodby to Disneyland.
-And ate lunch at In and Out Burger and went straight to the airport.

And that was it. I get tired just typing this all up.

I have uploaded the photos I took to my Picasa album and you can take a look if it doesn't make you too sad that you weren't there. ;)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mystery Baby Revealed

Just in case you are late to the party, Mystery Baby has been revealed! Drum roll please. That's to build suspense, because some say that there is a 50/50 chance that mystery baby is a boy. I don't think that Vegas would give you those odds but whatever! Now where was I? Oh yea, drum roll. It's a ....Even I could tell it was a girl. After all I have seen this ultrasound invasion of privacy shot 3 times before. Like others in my family, I have gotten to know this shot well. Okay here are the other pictures that show she is healthy and apparently happy, she wouldn't hold still for very long, so it was hard to get pictures.

Leg, again.
Cute little feeties.

and arm.