Wednesday, April 24, 2013


A little while ago Drama received an invitation to the Lehi Council PTA Recognition Luncheon. Awesome. We didn't really know what that ment. The invite said that they were honoring her as a student. Super awesome, right?

with her invite
Today was the luncheon and what I didn't realize was that Drama was choosen out of all the students at her school to be recognized! One student from each of the schools in Lehi was choosen out of the student body to be recognized at the luncheon. There are 1200+ students at Drama's school and she was nominated by her teacher and selected by her principal! Super awesome.

She went to the front of the room to receive her certificate where Mr. Melville, her principal, had a whole bunch of great things to say about her.

with the teacher and librarian, who were also honored by Mr. Melville
We are super proud of this kid that loves to volunteer for everything, help her teachers or anyone else that looks like they might need someone to help. She's a great friend and student and is growing up way to fast!

with Mr. Melville, the principal at her school
Congratulations Drama, you really are an Outstanding Student and now you have a framed certificate to prove it!