Thursday, June 11, 2009

Camping - Grandma Tina Style

When everyone came down for Drama's baptism, they all stayed in the Marriott just down the street. Because, let's face it, my house is way to small for 6 kids, all their parents, a set of grandparents and a great grandmother! Grandma Tina invited Drama and Pooh Bear to go "camping" with them in the hotel. This is what's wrong with me folks, I was raised to think that camping was staying the the lower end Marriott! Anyway, they all had a great time, doing camping like things. Swimming in the pool, staying up waaaaay past bedtime, eating a hearty breakfast (minus the dirt and campfire smoke flavor), etc. The girls had a great time swimming with their cousins and uncles in the pool (just imagine it is a beautiful lake surrounded by trees, minus the mosquitoes, creepy crawlies and gross floaties)...There was a lot of tossing up in the air for some reason...Pooh Bear's friend from kindergarten was camping with her grandma too.The girls had a great time and no one got lime disease!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I can't believe it. My oldest baby is 8 and isn't she beautiful! She was baptized and confirmed on Saturday by her father. So many family members and friends came to support Drama on this special day. Thanks everyone for coming, you made the day perfect!

The day began the night before, "camping" with Grandma Tina and Grandpa Phil at the hotel with sister Pooh Bear. As soon as they got back home in the morning she sat down for the complex hair coiffing.
And then to the church. My beautiful girls...Drama and her father...
All the cousins from my side of the family...Drama in the special dress Grandma Tina made for her....The matching cousins, too cute...
I am so proud of Drama. She was so excited to be baptized and was more prepared than most 8 year old's I know. Way to go! We love you girl!