Saturday, December 21, 2013

Notice Anything Different About This Girl?

December 18, 2013 

Wednesday afternoon, I checked her out of school early and we paid a visit to the eye doctor and got contacts! She is so excited and for once cannot stop thanking me. It took her a really long time to get those buggers in the first time but every time after has gone a little faster. {I feel her pain. I have had to learn to put in 3 different types of contacts all of which took me an obscene amount of time to get the hang of!}

She played a futsal {one type of indoor soccer} game last night and said that they really helped. She did okay scoring 1 of the 2 goals their team made to propel them to victory. {of course the other team only had 3 members show up and we lent them a couple of girls, so it was really more like a scrimmage}

She went back to the eye doc this morning so he could check the fit. Everything looked great so we ordered a year supply. He recommends the dailies for kids her age so I shelled out the dollars and told her that we were taking back her Christmas presents. I was kidding, a little bit.

I think she looks fantastic with or without glasses but she seems to be thrilled to pieces about the contacts. And it is nice to get some Mom currency I might be able to use later. ;)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

O Christmas Tree

It feels like Christmas is rushing me this year. Maybe because Thanksgiving was so late? So we tried to get started on the Christmas decorations last Sunday. We successfully got the tree up and decorated but it took the rest of the week to get the other things out.

I love this tree. It's super skinny and fits perfectly in my small living room. We may have more ornaments than a tree of this size can accommodate but what can you do? We can't leave any off! We do try and balance them out so the tree doesn't fall over!

Snow Day!

Winter may not be officially here yet, but don't tell that to these 3! It snowed all day yesterday and this morning before church the girls were planning all the fun they could accomplish in the snow this afternoon.

  Miss Bea only lasted about 20 minutes (and went through 3 pairs of mittens) before she wanted to come in and have hot chocolate.

 Pooh Bear and the Boss had plans to build a snow house but unfortunately the snow is not the building kind. As the Boss said, "We tried to build a house and then a snowman but the snow wouldn't work. But it was perfect for making snow angels!"

It is supposed to warm up this week and melt it all away. While it was so beautiful outside this morning on the way to church, honestly, if it melts it won't make me sad at all.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Flash Back

I am making baby books for all the girls for Christmas {finally} and have been going through all the old photos. Here are a few I found tonight...

Sara and Ella back when it was just Sara and Ella...

Baby Anna

And then there were 3...

Ella and Sara...

Baby Sara {feels like forever ago}...