Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hello, my name is Amy ...

and I am neurotic. If there is nothing to stress over then I will invent something to stress over. And when there is something legit to stress over, man, look out.

Family Pictures

not just my little family

Grandma Tina's family. Just a second, where did I put that paper bag I was breathing into? (give me a minute....)

Last night I was shopping for headbands and flowers for Aria at 11:00 pm, in the dark, trying to hide my shopping from Mark because I was ashamed. I already have a headband and flower for Aria, but thought I might like something else. So, I bought $20 worth of head bling and had it shipped to Grandma Tina's house. It probably won't even get there in time. Yes, I need help.

Anywho....this morning we practiced picture hair. And I took pictures. Drama asked me why I was taking pictures and I responded, "for reference, so I can study them while you are at school." Her look was priceless. I really should have taken a picture....sigh.

Straight or curly? She said, "Mom, my hair looks great no matter what you do to it." (That sounded like an accusation to me, but I may be paranoid.) She is, of course, right.Seriously. She could be bald with that face!Okay, Okay. I'll get help. Sorry baby, mommy will stop torturing you now.


  1. Can I vote? I say straight, that is the way they wear it most of the time and I love it that way. ( Anna will love you for it too.)

  2. Yes, I'm going with straight. It looks better with their hair so short. Poor Anna, I had just cut her bangs and it's so hard to sit still for 30 seconds (plus it was getting too close to nap time).

  3. OK-i'm late checking in on anything but I'm with the other grandma. Go with the straight. You know, I always loved a saying my Bishop said to me when I was pregnant with Scott & RS pres after being a counselor for 2+ years. Number 1: I discovered some of the women in the ward didn't like me anymore (he said it was not a popularity contest-sigh).
    Number 2: He also said not to get caught up in the "thick on doing thin things"-he could spot the behavior blossoming.
    The first paper bag experience I had-HONESTLY-was in my 7th hour of a natural birth labor with our first baby. It was a clue;)