Sunday, November 1, 2009

What Was I Thinking?

For my birthday Mark "gave" me a new kitchen. He pretty much told me I could do whatever I wanted to the cabinets and counter tops. After much (way too much) thought I decided on a couple of things. I chose to replace all the doors and drawer fronts with new ones and refinish them myself (Here you may insert the, "what the heck were you thinking" comments.) And with the money I saved doing the work myself I bought granite counter tops, oh man they are soooo pretty.

Most of my kitchen is now in my living room. . .

Stay tuned for updates. Hopefully, I will finish before I go insane.


A Cowgirl . . . a Kitty . . . Curious George . . .The Man in the Yellow Hat. . . (this photo is actually from the ward Halloween party that was Tuesday night.)

Photos from actual Halloween (not the ward party, not the school Halloween parade but actual Halloween.) (And, yes my refrigerator is in my dinning room. For my birthday Mark gave me the gift of manual labor. Of course the manual labor is my own. . . but that's the next post.)

And absentee parenting at it's very best. The stinkin' doorbell just kept ringin'. . .