Saturday, July 31, 2010

Soccer Camp

This past week Drama attended a REAL Salt Lake soccer camp. 
Every morning she woke up early and went to work with her Dad for a little while and then spent the rest of the morning "running her rear off."
She had two very "cute" college age coaches that I am sure helped make the "running of the rear off" a little easier.

On the last day they had a special visitor...
Nick Rimando, REAL Salt Lake's goal keeper. (Mark wanted me to add that he used to play for DC United and REAL played them tonight and "kicked their rear." Nick told the kids that he used to play for DC United and they benched him and then traded him to SLC where he sat on the bench for a couple of practices until they found out he was really good. I will add that he is probably the only soccer player I recognize, besides David Beckham.)
 This fall Drama is playing on a competition team. She's really excited about the new season. They are going to start it with a bang. Their whole team is going to the REAL game on August 14th where they will get to walk out on the field with the team at the very beginning and then sit all together and watch the game. So much fun and, of course there will be pictures!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's All Fun and Games...


until someone starts eating the sand...
Eew. It's in between her teeth. Growss Bea.

You are probably thinking, "Why is The Boss outside, in the sand box, in a dress?" First of all, in my defense, she is the Boss. Second, I pick my battles, this isn't one of them. Third, it's not even her dress, it's Bea's now. And fourth, it's machine washable.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fourth of July

er, Third of July? Whatever! We went to Grandma Tina's and Grandpa Phil's to enjoy their new deck and backyard. We also went to the good ol' Idaho Falls parade Saturday morning. (So cold. It's just not right for July.) Bea stayed home with dad because it was way too cold for her.

We had to bundle up in sweatshirts and blankets to stay warm. With Grandma Tina.

But the girls still managed to have a good time.

Dancing, always dancing. It's a good way to stay warm.

Gratefully, it warmed up enough be the afternoon that we could play outside and eat some icecream cones.

We started out hola hooping...
The Masters
The Wannabes.
 And that turned into a game of baseball. The girls had never played baseball before but quickly got the hang of it and had a lot of fun running the hola hoop bases. Our makeshift bat was a nerf water squirter.
Then the slip and slide came out...
And finally, the perfect end to a perfect day, eating yogurt naked.