Thursday, October 28, 2010

Snow Day!

It snowed yesterday. Most of it has already melted but there was plenty of snow for these two to dawn their gear and play in the snow!
 The Boss didn't want to wear her gloves at first. But quickly learned how fast snow freezes those little fingers!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Can a Shoe be a Muse?

New family photos tomorrow.

Mark says that shoes are my muse as I was inspired to take this photo (I got out my tripod and everything). It just struck me as I walked by. All the shoes accounted for, cleaned, shined and ready to go.

You might remember we had a photo taken in July, not that long ago really, right. When I blew it up to 16" by 20" and hung it in my living room, I hated it. Every time I walk by, which is a lot, I cringe. So it simply must be remedied.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bea's 15 Month Check-up

Bea turned 15 months yesterday. I can't believe how fast the little monster is growing!

Here are her stats from her doctor's visit.

Age: 15 months
Date: 10-18-2010
Length: 31.8 inches (75%)
Weight: 23 pounds (50%)
Head Circumference: 44.7 cm (15%)

She is healthy, happy and up to the typical antics of 15 month olds.

 Of course typical 15 month olds are usually up to no good.

 And she definitely is typical in that respect.

If the doctor makes you wait a really long time - this is what happens. 
Door open.
Door closed.
Door open.
Door closed.

Drawer open.
Drawer closed.
Drawer open.
Take out all the emergency diaper stash.
Drawer closed.
She did manage to put all the emergency diapers back in the drawer herself.
 See  - she's getting more mature by the day!

ps - I just noticed that The Boss is holding the play doctor kit shot! If that isn't foreshadowing. Everyone got their flu shots, me included. The Boss is still very upset about it. Just ask her. "Owie. Owie. My leg owie!"

And They Said It Wouldn't Last

14 years

14 crazy, happy, sad, exciting, stressful, amazing, breathtaking, tense, educational, tearful, joyful, lazy, hectic, eventful years.

14 years of married bliss

This was what my sweet husband left for me on the kitchen table this morning.
Layers of all my favorite candies in a cool apothecary jar (I love apothecary jars). Starting with Swedish Fish, Mini Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Hot Tamales, Milk Chocolate Kisses, & Red Vines.
 There are 2 problems with this, however.  

#1 How should I go about eating them. Probably layer by layer is best.
#2 I will probably have consumed the entire array of confections before Mark gets back from Virginia! Already, as I have been typing, I have been swiping Red Vines from the top!

And here is a picture of what I got for Mark on this, our Anniversary Day...

Sadly, I forgot it was our anniversary. I remember, generally, when we were married, October-ish. But I can never remember the day and this year I totally spaced it altogether. In my very sad defense, we did go on a cruise for our anniversary a couple of weeks ago and we weren't supposed to get each other presents. So, really, he broke the rules....

Thanks for 14 amazing years "sweetie"

Sunday, October 17, 2010


The girls were on "Fall Break" Thursday and Friday and I had promised them that I would take them to Corn-bellies. For those whose aren't in the know, Corn-bellies is a fall carnival out at Thanksgiving Point. They pass out advertisements at school so the kids beg their parents to go until their parents wish their ears would fall off. I caved and said we could go. So after all the trauma Bea cooked up that morning (see previous post) we headed over for some BIG fun.

Here the girls are in Princess Land (or something like that) riding the knight in shining armor's horse.
 In Cinderella's carage.
 Bea showing off her sliding skillz.
 Lost in the non-scary corn maze.
Driving the play firetruck.
I only lost The Boss for 6, 7 minutes tops in the huge crowd of kids. No Biggie, right.

The One Where I Make It All About Me. . .

Fact: I ruin all my shirts. Every single one of my t-shirts has little holes in the front at about kitchen counter height (what that's all about I don't know) or has bleach spots down the front (I love bleach. I get it from my Grandma Wheatley, (the trait/gene - not the actual bleach). If it can be bleached, I'll do it. If it can't be bleached then I will probably try to at some point and if it gets ruined then it really wasn't worth it anyway.) Friday I was wearing a brand spanking new shirt from Target, I love Target too, and was prepared to ruin it by the end of the day. Man, do I really wish that I had ruined it my normal way, i.e. holes/bleach, because this shirt was used to mop up Bea's blood. That's right, I win mother of the year again because Bea fell off the kitchen chair and bit through her lip. I have a woozy stomach and couldn't verify that it actually went ALL the way through but it was gaping enough on the outside that I hauled her into the doctor's office. And since I have somehow made this post all about me. . .the Jeep wouldn't start so Mark had taken my car to work that morning. I had Drama call him and ask if he could come home or if I needed to call a friendly neighbor. He raced home and I took Bea up the street to the Pediatrician.
 It turns out I may have over-reacted just a tiny bit. Bea didn’t need stitches but they did super glue her “gaping gash” back together and said she shouldn’t have much of a scar.
Bea was really only upset for a few minutes right after the “incident.” In fact the nurses commented on how happy she was (even though she was still eeking blood out of her lip). I informed them that she could be mortally wounded and still be happy smiley baby frolicking down the halls and to not read too much into it.
PS-Please disregard the applesauce all over her mouth. The only way I could get a picture was to feed her and trap her in her highchair.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

School Mug Shots

It's that time of year again . . .

School mug shot time.