Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Last PreSchool Field Trip

Aria's preschool class went on their last field trip today to Farmer Gary's. He lives super close, right by the junior high school, so we just walked there from Ms. Cathie's house.

I was a little sad when I realized this was the last preschool field trip EVER for me. So, I took my camera and snapped some photos for, you know, posterity and stuff.

First Farmer Gary took us to bottle feed the baby lambs. Baby lambs are very cute but mama and daddy lambs, not so much.

A quick stop at the most awesome and death defying teeter totter ever.

Then we walked down the hill to feed the cows. Again, baby cows are adorable, big cows, not so much.

 A class picture atop the giant hay stack.

Farmer Gary let them each take turn driving the tractor. Apparently the only thing he uses the tractor for is cleaning up cow pies. Maybe we should get one for the doggie pies in our back yard?

Waiting so patiently for everyone else to take a turn on the tractor.

We finished up by feeding the daddy sheep (Zeus) some yummy stale hot dog buns. I know they were yummy because Ari tested them and assured me they were of the highest quality.

It is going to be sad when we graduate from Ms. Cathie's preschool of Friday. She is an amazing teacher and the kids just love her. But I can't stop any of these punks from getting older so I guess it's on to Kindergarten.