Monday, September 14, 2009

Fun and High Jinks

September 5, 2009

Grandpa Van Horn playing with the "kids" while we were at my parent's house last weekend. Teaching Drama the flip...
And dad showing her how it is really done... E-man observing....

The Boss loving Max...

We had such a great time over the weekend. It was beautiful, sunny, good food and so nice to spend time with everyone. Mom had a great game, "I remember when..." If you ever need a good party game give me a call and I will tell you all about it.


  1. That is so funny. You must know that he does this with any little kid he can find that is willing. I remeber doing it for hours on Sunday night when my Mom was hiding from all of us (most likely taking a bubble bath reading). I don't know if he still can do the one handed trick since he hurt his rotater cuff. I like that the best since I think mark and I were the only ones who had any balance.

    I think he's the best!!!! Makes me miss being young.

  2. I loooooove the flip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Classic Van Horn move!!!