Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Family Photos, Reprise

As you all know we had a do over on our family photos. I am so glad we did because I think that these are One Hundred times better that the last set.

Here are a few of my favorites. I have also update the girls on the side....

All the ones of the girls turned out amazing, they are so photogenic.

Man oh man. This looks so much better blown up to 16 by 20 and hanging over my piano than the previous one did. Don't you think. (I know I didn't show the previous one, but trust me, it's better. So just nod your head yes.)
Don't you love it when your pictures make your heart smile?

I have uploaded them all to Walmart's photo website so if you want copies, email me and I will send you the link unless you are a creepy stalker and then you are out of luck. If you just want to see them all, cause you are a creepy stalker, I have also uploaded them to Picasa, here. And I put some on Facebook just cover all my creepy stalker bases, cause I heart you all! (I just noticed that you can order photos from Picasa now, lucky you, stalkers! But I took extra time and uploaded the larger files on Walmart's site, so  if you want good photos you still have to email me. Ha!)

Also, if you wanted to be surprised when you open up our Christmas card (which isn't coming for a while because I just ordered them Sunday night), don't look over to the right there were I embedded it in the sidebar. Shutterfly said they would give me a $25 gift certificate if I "shared" it all with you here on the blog. And we all know that there is not much I won't do for a free $25!

I almost forgot to give props to our totally amazing photographer: 
Kristen Spencer

Here is her Facebook page
& her website.
Highly recommend this little lady if you are in the area, or not, she's worth the trip. 
She's A-MAZ-ING with the kids.

Most Important Meal Of The Day

There is nothing like a nutritious breakfast at McDonalds, where my egg McMuffin is stollen by a 2 year old. Again.

And yes, Bea is in her jammies at Walmart.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What, It's Supposed to Snow Today?

So, you didn't get the memo there was a wicked blizzard headed our way?

 Practicing her swim stroke.

 Good form.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Diners Beware

Diners beware, if you are lucky enough to be taking a meal with the Boss, your meal is not really yours. It's the Boss' unless she deems otherwise.

Since I am a great mother, we had take out, again. Yes, if you are counting at home (but how could you be, I mean your not spying on me - are you?) that's three times this week. (Mark comes home tonight, I may cook tomorrow, but I wouldn't count on it.)

Tonight we decided on Winger's.

I thought I got a sticky finger salad, but I guess The Boss ordered that and I ordered the Mac & Cheese. I get so confused sometimes.

She was sitting at the counter happily until she realized my mistake. So, being the industrious child that she is, she pulled the stool out of the pantry, scooched up to the counter where I was standing (I eat standing up when Mark's gone, it's just easier), and totally took over my salad. I think her exact words were, "Go away Mommy. Mine." I didn't want to pick a fight so close to bed time, so of course I caved in and gave her the salad. However, I made her sit down to eat it. I do have some standards. Jesh,.

I don't know how she can do her homework with the antics going on around here.

Seriously, Pooh Bear, I said to quit gargling your milk (after this one last picture).

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Where Did You Get Your Genes?

According to friends, and perfect strangers, my children really don't look a lot like me. So I'm always asked who they do look like.

In The Boss' case it has to be Aunt Karen.
Mark (aka Dad), Aunt Karen (hello twin), Uncle Jeff, Aunt Jennifer - circa 1976

The Boss - circa 2010
Freaky, hu?

But ALL of my children have that mischievousness of their adorable father.
Mark (4 1/2) & Scott (2 1/2) - circa 1979

I mean seriously, how cute are these little guys? I am lovin' those pants! The 70's were awesome!

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Bahamian Cruise

September 27 to  October 1, 2010

Or what I like to call the vacation where we battle Tropical Storm Nicole. It may have been "short lived" and "no big deal for Florida", but when this is your first "adults only" vacation in years (Thank you Grandma Tina for watching the crew while Mark and I were gone) well, you take it kinda personally.

Mark planned a cruise to the Bahamas for our 14th anniversary. (I know - he's a keeper.) We were both excited to get away for a couple of days and didn't let a little thing like a tropical storm get in the way of a relaxing, much needed, vacation.

Our first stop was in Key West, Florida, on Tuesday. The storm hadn't gotten that far yet so it was a beautiful day. We rented scooters and motored around the island and accomplished a little shopping. We hit the beach and in retrospect we probably should have spent more time there because it was the only beach time we saw.

Next we sailed to Nassau, Bahama where we enjoyed a little souvenir shopping while trying to avoid the sudden downpours. We had scheduled a snorkeling excursion but it was canceled.

We were supposed to hit one other island but due to the weather our ship stayed in Nassau an extra day. We re-scheduled our snorkeling excursion and were determined to do something other than nap and eat all day (the cookies were
A - maz - ing).

This photo was taken on the way to our doom snorkeling adventure.

In our zeal to "do something" on our vacation we failed to realize just how completely horrible, nauseating. . . Well it just was not a good idea to try snorkeling in 3 foot waves. The water was too murky to see anything and the waves would crash over your head and inundate your snorkel thingy with salt water. Yuck.

Despite our losing battle with a tropical storm, we actually had a really great vacation. Because we were stuck on the ship a lot, we could take a morning nap AND an afternoon nap. It was fabulous.

Mark has promised that the next vacation will be beachy, sunny, and the snorkeling will be non-terrifying.
Sign me up!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fabulous Fall

November 5, 2010

Friday was a beautiful fall day.

Perfect for raking up the leaves

And jumping in them

And burring you sister in them

And throwing them in the air

How great are these faces?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010

aka: Let's see how many times you can dress up and it's not actually Halloween

We dressed up Tuesday night for the annual ward Halloween party.

We dressed up Friday for the school Halloween parade/parties and for trick-or-treating at Dad's work.

Waiting patiently for the sisters to come by...

We dressed up Saturday night for trick-or-treating in the cold and rain.
(I didn't actually take any pictures this night, I mean, how many times can I take pictures of these kids, really? Okay, I love to take pictures of these kids. I just got lazy. What can I say?) Enjoy these I took Tuesday night...