Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The "Cute Girl Discount"

Yesterday, Drama and Pooh Bear requested monetary funds to take to school. They wanted to buy one of the little cheapy trinkets that "they" sell at lunch time. (I think the "they" is the PTA but I'm not sure.) So we negotiated and they both got 50 cents to take and buy whatever.

When the girls get home from school today they tell me all about what they bought at lunch. Pooh Bear shows me her newly acquired eraser cell phone. The following conversation takes place...

Me: "That's a pretty neat eraser."
PB: "I know. It cost a dollar!"
Me (oh, great.): "A dollar? But you only had 50 cents."
PB: "Yea. I got the cute girl discount."
Me (concern coloring my words): "The cute girl discount? What is that?"
PB (very matter of factly): "The girl told me the eraser was a dollar. I said I only had 50 cents and she said that I could have a cute girl discount and buy the eraser for 50 cents."

What the..? How come I never get a cute girl discount?

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  1. What?! You gave the girls the equivalant of a Sonic! Did you know that?!?!?!