Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Wheatley Clan

We had family photos taken with my whole family while we where at my parents in August. There are some super cute people in these pictures! Here are a couple of my favorites....

One of my personal favs....

Camping - For Real

If you know me, you know that I am not a camper. You know that I was not raised a camper. I went camping a couple of times in my youth, and have great memories of camping with my Grandparents, but "camping" in my family is staying at the lower budget hotel. Seriously. Drama and Pooh Bear love to "camp" with my parents at the local Marriott. They recently discovered what camping really is and have been begging to go "real" camping ever since. {okay maybe recently as in a few years ago but my power to block out painful activity requests by my children is great!} 

Finally, over Labor Day weekend Mark and Grandpa Van Horn took Drama and Pooh Bear For Real Camping!
In a Tent.
On the Ground. 
In Nature.

Grandma Van Horn and I, being the more sensible ones in the family, opted to take The Boss and Bea up for the campfire dinner and dessert and then go home to our warm cozy beds and sleep.
In a house.
In a bed.
Where nature was not invited.

Mouth full of cookie....

I don't know why they insisted on sitting under the table. They wouldn't sit anywhere else!

Serious conversations.....

Mmmmm, dutch oven peach cobbler...

When we got home, The Boss was seriously ticked that she didn't get to sleep in a tent. So I pulled out the play tent, set it up in her room and she zonked right out! She slept there for most of the night and then took a nap in it the next day...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Boss Starts School {finally}

Preschool has to be the best place on Earth. It is so much fun and my girls have loved every minute.

This year The Boss started Preschool at Ms. Cathy's Preschool. Ms. Cathy has a 3 year old preschool class on Tuesdays and Thursdays and a 4 year old class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So, you can start at 3 and go again the very next year only you get a whole extra day of learning!

We went to the open house last Thursday night, and my camera's battery decided to die. I did get this picture in the car on the way there and walking up the sidewalk. She was so excited.

Drama had soccer practice until 7:00 pm and we were waiting by the back door already - with backpack on and everything - for Drama, Pooh Bear, and Daddy to walk in.

And then today, finally, the day came, to actually go to school.

She had waited and waited. Her sisters started school and she wanted to start school so badly. Every time we went anywhere she would ask, pointing out different people, "Is that my teacher? Is that my teacher?"

And of course Bea is just happy to be part of the fun and picture taking.

When Bea and I picked her up 2 hours later.....

A frog on a lily pad! See, I told you, most fun ever! And totally worth the wait.

The Boss, Bea and I went to McDonald's for a special lunch after. They both got stickers in their happy meals and guess where The Boss' ended up attaching themselves....