Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Homework Woes

Drama is learning about money in math at school. I will be the first to admit that money math can be confussing. "So you say that I only have $300 in my bank account but I spent $420 on shoes? What you can't do that?"

Anyway, I was checking Drama's math homework tonight and this is what I found...

Click this picture to make it larger. Also, spelling, not our strong suit.

As I read the question back to her with her answer Mark says, "Well, she's right!" And I guess she could be if the question hadn't asked what bills and coins you could use...

She was excited that I was posting this. Only Drama would be happy with the spotlight any way it comes!


  1. I needed that today! I laughed hard. Out loud. I think I was mostly laughing at the fact that Mark said, "Well, she's right!" And, she is!! I think we had that same question, it looks familiar.

  2. I love that answer. I think she should get extra points for creativity!

  3. It's like I tell my students, If I ask who is president? and you say 1+1=2, you are still wrong even though you are right.