Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Aria's Blessing

September 6, 2009

Aria was blessed Sunday at my parents house. It was an extra special day because she was blessed with her cousin, Oliver.

Me and Aria with Oliver and his mommy, Rosanna.
Aria's entourage: back row: Grandpa Phil, Grandma Tina, Grandma Great, Mark, Grandpa Van Horn, Grandma Van Horn, Great Grandpa Van Horn front row: Drama, Me with Aria and Pooh Bear. (The Boss was taking a much needed nap and we didn't want to wake her.)
Oliver's entourage: Grandpa Phil, Grandma Tina, Grandma Great, my brother Dr. Matt, Rosanna with Oliver, Grandma Pitcher, Grandpa Pitcher

After a day of church and blessings we got in a couple of rounds of Rock Band. Hey, it's a "family activity" and thus Sunday afternoon appropriate!

The G33kboy Band...

Featuring Toxic T, Pooh Bear (her actual name in Rock Band), Dr, Love, Roxy, SarBear, and Geekboy. Plus other special appearances.

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