Thursday, April 9, 2009


Wicked came to the Capital Theater last night. We tried to get tickets way back in December to see it, anytime, we would have ditched church to see it, seriously. It didn't happen. The website was locked up and we couldn't get tickets, so sad. Well, Mark trolls KSL Classifieds on a daily basis and has been tracking the price of Wicked tickets that people were trying to unload. Tuesday he found some for last night (Wednesday, opening night) and snapped them up. So I got to see Wicked, finally, Happy Mother's Day to me! And my review: Loved, Loved, Loved it! The music is great and fun and the characters and plot are hilarious! Two thumbs way up! Go see it if you can.

When we got home, after 11 pm, I'm too old for late nights, the babysitter had left us this note:

"The Boss hit Drama in the lip. We put some ice on it. It should be all good."

I feel so bad for the babysitter sometimes. The girls love her but totally take advantage of her!


  1. I agree that the show was great, tickets were great, hot date was great. Thanks for going out with me babes!

  2. I went and saw it in Portland a couple of weeks ago and loved it too! I love that it is so 'clean' considering how raunchy the book is!

    I ended up being able to get my parents tickets, they have the best freakin' seats. I wish it was me going....not them! O'well, they deserve to see it.

  3. One of my favorites! Love the music!!

  4. That is so awesome Amy! We are going to see it in December and I'm so excited!