Thursday, April 23, 2009


Yesterday the Boss had her first haircut. Her mullet got to be a little too much party and not enough business, so I took her into this really cute salon, Cookie Cutters. They have fun cars for the kids to sit in instead of chairs and they get to watch movies while getting their locks trimmed. I don't know how the poor stylist even got a snip in. There was way too much for the Boss to look at and she kept turning her head this way and that way. But, in the end it turned out super cute.

The Boss took this to be a serious event. Very serious.Pooh Bear decided she wanted her hair cut as well so she had it cut just above her shoulders. Perfect for the warmer summer months. And the two cuties together.


  1. Our two (of four) VERY cuties, indeed. So glad to see the smile came back. Don't know if I've ever seen her mouth in that position with her eyes open. I'm assuming you saved some of those baby locks. Boo Hoo.

  2. Love the smiles! A hair cut and a balloon, what more could a girl ask?