Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dad's and Donuts

Today was Dad's and Donuts Day for the Kindergartners at school. It was also a big day because it is the first time the kindergartners get to eat lunch in the cafeteria. Super big fun! Here is Mark's report from the event:"Lunch Pics. I like the one where Pooh Bear doesn't even bother to smile for the camera because she is far too busy munching on her pizza.

After everything was done I was walking out the front door of the school and Pooh Bear come bursting through the doors after me, face completely beet red, tears streaming screaming "daddy, don't forget you paper I made you."

She had made a card at class for me detailing all the ways in which she loves me. I had inadvertently left it on her desk when I walked her back, and she was devastated that I had forgotten it.

I retrieved the paper from her, and gave her a big hug. Then I took her by the hand and started walking her back to class. In total Pooh Bear fashion, with tears still staining her cheeks, she looks up at me and asks as if I was mentally retarded:

PB: dad, where are you going?
Dad: I am going to take you back to class, then I am going back to work. Is that ok?
PB: You don't need to take me to class, I know where it is at, you are the one who can't remember his paper.......bye!

And she ran off. Her heart may be tender, but she still thinks of herself as a teenager."


  1. Welcome to my world. Just know this as they age it gets worse. I am told all the time that I don't know what I am talking about and that I am doing it wrong!!!!!! I always tell them "Im 37 years old your not my mother, so leave me alone!" Why is it that they are sweet little girls one day and think that we know everything and we are there world, to the fact that were old farts and have know clue.

    I found your whole day quite sweet! My girls think that Ella "Rocks!"

  2. Oh yeah. We're old farts. Total fuddyduds. Rick and I know all about being "stupid" and daily hear the "why can't you just understand what I'm going through? I'm almost 16 and I can do it myself because you don't do anything to help me". Just wait and you too can hear these beautiful gems.

    Ella does rock just like her mom!