Sunday, April 12, 2009


It was our annual "Easter Egg Hunt." The Easter Bunny hid a bunch of eggs in our living room and the girls had fun looking for them. The Boss even got into the fun and excitement. We colored eggs yesterday but the Easter Bunny doesn't hide those, we have found too many eggs months after the hunt has ended!
I put curlers in Drama's and Pooh Bear's hair last night and this is how curly their hair started just after I took all the curlers out. It didn't last for too long though. They made it through church but by the time they went to bed their hair was almost straight again! Too cute girlies!It's spring break this week. A whole week of no school. Pray for me.

Happy Easter!


  1. So cute!

    Good luck with them all home -- ours was in March and it was too cold and rainy to do anything. Hopefully you have great weather!

  2. Enjoy your week with the girls, Sonoma goes back tomorrow, and Kate and Liv go back on Wed. We all had so much fun that I'm paying Katelyn to clean the house tomorrow. It doesn't matter there age it is fun to spend short amounts of time with them. Oh, the girls hair is soooo cute. I've been hot curling Liv's hair and I found some spray that holds the curl when its heated. Very nifty. Happy Easter!!!