Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Problem

Pooh Bear has serious eczema that gets really bad in the cold weather. Tonight was a particularly troubling night for her and this conversation between her and her father was overheard.

PB: "Why does my skin itch so much?"

Dad: "Because it's sensitive."

PB: "Why does it have to be so sensitive?"

Dad: "Because that's the way people are. You have sensitive skin, Drama has tummy troubles, and Daddy has hair issues."

PB: "What's Mommy's problems?"

Dad: "She has to have babies."

PB: "No, I know what Mommy's problem is. She has pains in her neck!"


  1. Ya gotta love her, She always tells it like it is!

  2. If all you have are pains in your neck, you're doing well! Love it :)

  3. Thank-you for my Grand chuckle of the day!!