Monday, April 13, 2009

The Farm

Today was a beautiful day, so, we decided to pay a visit to the Thanksgiving Point Farm. The Boss was old enough to actually enjoy it this time and she had a great time pointing and yelling at the goats, chickens, horses and pigs.

Drama and Pooh Bear love to ride the ponies and I thought that Boss would like it as well. She had a lot of fun pointing and talking (to or about I'm not sure) the ponies and even sat on one of the little ponies for about 2 minutes. Then the pony started to move and that's about the time she decided that pony rides were not for her!

I forgot to grab my camera but I took this video with my cell phone. The Boss loved talking to the goats, or she was making sure that I had seen each and every one. Just before this video, she had grabbed onto the fence to watch and one of the goats nibbled her fingers, so she is especially wary of the goats when they get too close.

We must have had a good time because by the time we drove back into our garage this is what I found in the back of my car:Yes, Pooh Bear was actually snoring!


  1. I especially enjoy the "love the goats" dance!

  2. What a great afternoon! I want to go too!!

  3. Good thing Anna is wary of goats. They think stinky old shoes are fine cuisine! If D & PB looked like that, what did the Queen Momma look like?