Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No Dull Moments

There are no dull moments at our house. Today we were going to the toy store to make birthday lists for Pooh Bear and Drama's up coming birthdays. As we were getting ready to leave, I came downstairs to find Pooh Bear on the couch crying and terribly upset.

Me: "Pooh Bear, honey, are you okay? Are you hurt?"
PB, through dramatic sobs and giant tears: "No, I'm not hurt."
Me: "Honey, what's wrong?"
PB: "I don't know! I'm just crying and I don't know why!"

This is the point were I give her a big hug and explain that it's okay to cry for no reason, mommy does it all the time!


  1. Yea, but mommy cries for no reason even when she's not preggers. In Pooh Bear's defense, she had had a bad day. Drama fell down the last step on the bunkbed ladder and scrapped her shin. I think 2 drops of blood might have appeared near the surface of the skin. Anyway, this really upset Pooh Bear, REALLY UPSET, and that was it for her emotional handling for the day!

  2. Oiy Boiy. I can hear the estrogen train rumbling toward the Lehi VanHorn home on it's not-to-be-stopped tracks. Has Mark calculated how many POSSIBLY non-PMS days there will be under his roof??

  3. We had a very simular experiance with Kate on Tues. It dosen't matter what age you are there are always tears for no reason. She did ask me if it was normal to cry for no reason. I said yes she could cry anytime she wants to. As I drove away from her I cried.