Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mystery Baby Revealed

Just in case you are late to the party, Mystery Baby has been revealed! Drum roll please. That's to build suspense, because some say that there is a 50/50 chance that mystery baby is a boy. I don't think that Vegas would give you those odds but whatever! Now where was I? Oh yea, drum roll. It's a ....Even I could tell it was a girl. After all I have seen this ultrasound invasion of privacy shot 3 times before. Like others in my family, I have gotten to know this shot well. Okay here are the other pictures that show she is healthy and apparently happy, she wouldn't hold still for very long, so it was hard to get pictures.

Leg, again.
Cute little feeties.

and arm.


  1. Yeh for baby girl number 4. I am still waiting for someone to prove that there was only a 50% chance that this could have been a girl. I am pretty sure it is more in the 90% range.

  2. YEA!!!!!! Girls Rock!!!! Congrats were so happy for you guys.

  3. Ok-as I have mentioned. If you would've produced an ugly version, but NO!! You didn't learn. So blame yourselves.
    Actually, the feet were darling, especially since bunions run in the family. ;)

  4. How great to have another girl in the family. One more girl and then you'll be eligible for a boy :)

  5. AccK! I don't think I want to become eligible for a boy.