Friday, March 13, 2009

Disneyland 2009

Disneyland 2009 was a wild ride! We had a great time and came home so tired. We flew in Saturday morning and by lunchtime we were in the park and overloading on fun. When we checked into the hotel our rooms weren't ready so they upgraded us to the Ambassador Suite, a 1400 sqft, bigger than my first two apartments together, with two bedrooms, three bathrooms, living room and dining room. It was a monster room. The Boss slept great because she had her own room and didn't have to listen to Mark snoring!

Drama and Pooh Bear maxed out on fun, riding their favorite rides two and three times. Pooh Bear was sad on the flight home because her wish didn't come true, she want to stay in Disneyland FOREVER! I, personally, couldn't have done another day. I was beat and am still recovering from all the fun. The Boss was in awe and wonder at all the colors, lights, people and sounds. She won't remember a thing but she's in the pictures! (and pretty cute too)

Here's a rundown of what we did:

-left home for the airport at 6 am
-ate lunch and In and Out Burger
-checked into Disneyland Hotel too early and were upgrade to super fab room
-headed to the park. It was super crowded today but we had fun anyway.
-ate dinner at the Plaza Inn on Main Street
-Grandma, Grandpa, The Boss and I headed back to the Hotel early and found we were locked out of our room. Grandpa stopped to listen to the music in Downtown Disney, and Grandma and I, being confident I could find our way back to the room, moved on. When we got to what we thought was our room, the key didn't work. What! I know how to get into a hotel room. Is this the right room? Yes, we had the right room we just had a mix up with the keys. After a few minutes Grandpa emerged in the hallway and let us into the room, thankfully. We got the keys fixed with the issues and never had a problem after that.
-Drama, Pooh Bear and Dad stayed late at the park and got in as much fun as they could.

-got all messed up because of jumping time zones and daylight saving changes
-had super fun at the magic morning. We rode every ride in Fantasy Land before the park opened. It was a much less crowded day today.
-The Boss and I went back to the room at lunch time for her nap (and maybe I took one too), while Grandma, Grandpa, Dad, Drama and Pooh Bear stayed at the park.
-Everyone came back from the park and the girls went swimming in the neverland pool at the hotel, and I went shopping in Downtown Disney - brought back delicious beignets to share, yummy.
-Went dinner at Buca De Beppo's for delic italian.
-Grandma and Grandpa stayed at the Hotel and put The Boss to bed while Drama, Pooh Bear, Dad and I went back to the park for more rides, Fantasmic and Fireworks.
-Pooh Bear falls asleep on the walk back to the hotel while Dad carries her and Drama barely makes it back in one piece.

-Slept in, to about 6:30 am because that's sleeping in for my kids. And took our time getting ready for the day.
-Grandma stayed at the hotel with The Boss so she could take a good morning nap, while everyone else headed to California Adventures. We were practically the only ones there, except for the toy story ride. That must have been where everyone was hanging out because that ride was pretty busy.
-After lunch we met up with Grandma and The Boss and headed over to Disneyland. There we met up with Mark's cousins Steven, Ben and company. We hung out with them for a while. The older "kids" went on the Indiana Jones ride and the younger ones went to the Tikki Room and had a snack.
-We ate Dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, Drama's request. It was yummy, especially the volcano made of chocolate cake and ice cream! The Boss wasn't too sure of the Giant Gorilla that was right by our table and would move and make noise every now and again.
-Called it a day and headed back to the hotel.

-After we located and packed up all of our stuff, we headed back to the park. Grandma and Grandpa stayed at the hotel with The Boss and kept her pretty busy.
-We rode the last of the rides that we hadn't caught on previous days, toontown stuff, the boat thing that goes through all the mini villages and stories.
-Most importantly the girls had their faces painted. Drama was a cat and Pooh Bear had swirllies and hearts. This was a big hit as you can imagine.
-Then we set out on a mission (1) to find the perfect hat and (2) to find a snowglobe for Pooh Bear. Both of which we accomplished without any problems. Drama also found some fun princess rings and they all got tee shirts.
-We split up, Dad went with Drama to try and ride Big Thunder Mountain and I went with Pooh Bear first to the buzz lightyear ride 2nd to the pooh bear ride and then she wanted to go back to autopia! In that order of course. Luckily, after the pooh bear ride we met up with Grandma and The Boss and waited for everyone else to finish riding Big Thunder Mountain. And then we all went over towards autopia. Stopping 1st at Snow Whites castle, where Pooh Bear made her wish (see above) and then Grandma, Grandpa, Drama and Pooh Bear had one last harra at autopia.
-That was all we had time for, so we said goodby to Disneyland.
-And ate lunch at In and Out Burger and went straight to the airport.

And that was it. I get tired just typing this all up.

I have uploaded the photos I took to my Picasa album and you can take a look if it doesn't make you too sad that you weren't there. ;)


  1. Great recap and the pictures are awesome! I love how Mark has a huge smile in every picture. The girls must have been in some kind of heaven!!!!!

  2. I remember when we were at Disneyland together! Wow, it's hard to believe that we are now taking our own kids!