Sunday, February 22, 2009

Random Pics from December

I found these pictures today and they made me smile so I thought I would share. Enjoy!

I love Pooh Bear's sense of style. She is one of a kind!
The gingerbread house that these two crazy girls made for Christmas.
Drama's getup for the Best Bed Head contest at the Ward Christmas Party.
The two princess all dolled up to go to the Nutcracker.Mark likes to torture The Boss with socks and blocks and baby dolls.


  1. You know what my favorite part of the first picture is? Anna's toe has come through the foot of her jim-jams.

  2. Hey Amy, It was fun seeing you guys at DL. You have some cute girls and a goofy husband.

    I was looking at these photos and saw your girls in their "Nutcracker" dresses (black and maroon/red). Cute dresses...Sadie has the same one. I think Gma Downs (Natalee's mom) purchased it for us.

    Anyway, I'm glad Ann sent us your blog.