Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Things You Find

We cleaned out our storage unit a couple of weekends ago and are in the process of going through boxes and editing and purging our things. We have come across some fun things and I thought I would share this gem. It's a wedding card from Scott and John to Mark and I. It was very touching.
John writes: "Amy: You better get used to the smell of gas J/K, I hope Marks the prfect husben for you!
Mark: I hope I can find girl up at ricks as cute as amy! be a great husben! (I gave the book!)"

Scott writes: "Amy - It's my deepest regret for your marraige to my bozo brother.
Mark: It's too bad you found a girl this good."

The last part is in different handwriting and I'm not sure who wrote it but it says: "Good Luck with stepping over each other at every moment."


  1. That is so cute! I'm so glad you shared... lol!!! P.S. The writing on the bottom kind of looks like Ann's writing... It also looks like Ann's classic smily face...

  2. It is NOT ME!! I will not accept such responsibility. My smile face is much more "walmart-ish". I will be happy to submit to a writing test. I think it was "next youngest brother-continued". You should see Natalee Maxfields blog. Disney pics etc: "Living & Learning"

  3. I think it is Jen's writing. She has bubbly writing. She takes after Mom, the rest of us write like Dr.'s.