Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It Comes and Goes

My creative genius comes and goes. Well, really, my ability and tenacity to steal ideas from others and make them for my own, comes and goes. Today is one of those "creative" days for me.

I have been (trying) to follow this house cleaning program set up by a woman that lives near us in Highland. She came and did an Enrichment Meeting for my ward a couple years back about organizing for the holidays. Honesty, this woman is kinda annoying in a soft spoken, gentle reminder kinda way but she has a pretty good system. Every chore that you should do in a day/week/month/year is written on individual 3x5 cards and each morning you pull out the cards for the day, lay them out on the counter and then put them away as you finish the task. My old container for all of my 3x5 cards was an old Tupperware container. Not very attractive. I recently found a blog where someone had this similar idea but they made really cute boxes for their cards. Of course I thought to myself, "I could make that sooo easily." And I did. Here it is:


Back:Inside:Now my cards can sit out on the counter in their pretty little box and I will be happy to do my chores each day because I can look at my pretty little box. (Yea.) Let's see, number of chores done today = 1. I spent most of the morning looking for the blog, I knew it was out there somewhere. Then I had to go to Roberts and then I had to make the thing! But tomorrow, man, look out! Oh, Ella has gymnastics and I might have this other thing. . . .

And here is The Boss "helping" me with my project:
Since Mark is out of town tonight, the girls and I are going shopping for Easter Dresses. Drama will be in heaven. We will take pictures and post as soon as we find the perfect dresses. Heaven help me.


  1. Ummmmmm. I think I need to know about these cards.. Sounds like my kind of deal... Share?

  2. Sorry, I was going to add the link but forgot. Here is Marie Ricks' website