Friday, March 20, 2009

Random Comments of the Week

Here is my newest segment that will surely become a routine feature.

Pooh Bear, “Mom, who made Jesus?”
Mom, “Ahhhh, Heavenly Father?”
Pooh Bear, “Oh. Who made Heavenly Father?”
Mom, “Ahhhh, Honey, I haven’t had my sonic yet this morning. I can’t get this existential, this early in the morning.”

Drama, “I LOVE shopping!”

Pooh Bear, “Why did Leprechauns’ decide to wear green? I don’t like green. Why didn’t they wear pink? Pink is my favorite color, it would have been much better."

The Boss, "Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi"


  1. We can only imagine 4 VanHorn females (+mom) in 8 or 9 years. Let's see: Drama-17, Pooh-15, Boss-10 & the "she who shall not be named, or whatever that is in Harry Potter" asking all the questions prior to baptism.
    Hmm. So, will Sonic still be able to handle that then?
    This is so great to look forward to, don't you think? We could be living with you too-should we set a date? Just an idea.
    Gma VH

  2. She needs to ask this of my new ward's RS teachers. They come up with some doozy answers when they don't know the answers. For example, the latest one was that "Heavenly Father is Heavenly Father because He was more intelligent than anyone else. He decided he was going to take over and we agreed."

    Yeah ... she usually has at least one false doctrine per lesson. They released her only to have her substitute this month since they didn't have a replacement. Crazy.