Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Food Storage Brain Defrost and Going Green

Lately I have been over obsessed with my food storage. To be brutally honest, everytime I turn to Mark and say "Can I ask you a question?" He says to me, "I don't know is it about food storage again?" Well, after tons of research, where I found that food hordars are also gun lovers (yikes), I found this amazing site call "Food Storage Made Easy." After I read through just a little bit of this site I felt sooooo much better. It also helped me to get my 3 month plan together, alleluia. I have even started to fill my shelves with my three month supply, thank you Smiths mega event! Yea for me!

This morning the girls found that the st. patties leprechauns had paid us a visit. Green milk and green cream cheese sounded better in theory than in real life. And I had to explain to the girls several times that I had just put food coloring in them and they were the same things they ate every other morning, it was just a different color!


  1. I love how Sara is looking at you like, I'm not eatting this you crazy woman.

    Also, when did she get bangs?

  2. Yea, Sara wasn't too into the green thing. She got bangs on Presidents Day. We went to Cookie Cutters. It's this cute kids hair cut place where the chairs are cars and motorcycles and there is a play area for when the kids are waiting and movies to watch while they get their hair cut. We can never go anywhere else. It doesn't matter that it costs twice as much as the dollar place.