Monday, March 30, 2009

My New Toy

Lately, I have been obsessing over my food storage and I have decided that I want, no need, a bread maker. But I was also a little worried about spending a lot of money and then deciding that I didn't really want, or need, a bread maker. Mark found this not so little gem on KSL classifieds for totally cheap, I'm not the only savvy shopper in this house.Now I can actually rotate that 3 months supply of flour (I'm working up to the wheat and then Mark will have to find me a wheat grinder on the cheap!) I have been experimenting with bread recipes/combinations but no one around here seems to mind eating the experiments. ;)

Yesterday, we had one of our super fun Lehi spring storms. This one ripped all the siding off of our chimney and dumped a healthy amount of snow on the ground. Mark ran around like a crazy person in the middle of the storm trying to collect all the swirling siding so we can try and reattach it. It made me miss the couple of warm days we had the week before. The Boss enjoyed playing out side. She's obviously a shopper too.and when it all comes apart on you..... that's OK too.
Also, I always knew I had amazing friends but I recently read this article about a friend of mine from High School. She is truly awesome!


  1. The Boss is stinkin' cute. Love the pants :)

  2. I totally had a pair of those pants when I was little. Only mine were brown and orange. Sweet.

  3. I love them too! (both pair)

  4. Nice machine! I'll bring over my electric wheat grinder and we'll be good to go.