Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jack-o-Lanterns 2010

Drama and Pooh Bear love to carve pumpkins. We started the Sunday before Halloween. It was the Sacrament Meeting Primary Program so Grandma and Grandpa Van Horn came down to watch the girls and spend the day. Dad was out of town but Grandpa Van Horn very bravely "volunteered" to help the girls.

Drama wanted an elaborate wolf design

and Pooh Bear designed her own kitty face.

Unfortunately they were not able to finish carving on Sunday. Hmm, wonder why?

So, I plopped them out in the garage hoping we could finish them sometime during the week. . . which never happened. So, dad had to come to the rescue. He finish carving Pooh Bear's kitty face and then rotated Drama's around and made a completely new face. All of this about 20 minutes before trick-or-treating Saturday night! (BTW wolf = too hard) I think they look pretty great...

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