Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Where Did You Get Your Genes?

According to friends, and perfect strangers, my children really don't look a lot like me. So I'm always asked who they do look like.

In The Boss' case it has to be Aunt Karen.
Mark (aka Dad), Aunt Karen (hello twin), Uncle Jeff, Aunt Jennifer - circa 1976

The Boss - circa 2010
Freaky, hu?

But ALL of my children have that mischievousness of their adorable father.
Mark (4 1/2) & Scott (2 1/2) - circa 1979

I mean seriously, how cute are these little guys? I am lovin' those pants! The 70's were awesome!


  1. That picture has to be my favorite of those two! They are super-stars for sure!

  2. It is very interesting how the Boss looks just like me. What is super weird is that Sonoma looks and acts like Jennifer. She will do something and I'm like that is like something my sister would do or say. Weird.