Thursday, November 18, 2010

Diners Beware

Diners beware, if you are lucky enough to be taking a meal with the Boss, your meal is not really yours. It's the Boss' unless she deems otherwise.

Since I am a great mother, we had take out, again. Yes, if you are counting at home (but how could you be, I mean your not spying on me - are you?) that's three times this week. (Mark comes home tonight, I may cook tomorrow, but I wouldn't count on it.)

Tonight we decided on Winger's.

I thought I got a sticky finger salad, but I guess The Boss ordered that and I ordered the Mac & Cheese. I get so confused sometimes.

She was sitting at the counter happily until she realized my mistake. So, being the industrious child that she is, she pulled the stool out of the pantry, scooched up to the counter where I was standing (I eat standing up when Mark's gone, it's just easier), and totally took over my salad. I think her exact words were, "Go away Mommy. Mine." I didn't want to pick a fight so close to bed time, so of course I caved in and gave her the salad. However, I made her sit down to eat it. I do have some standards. Jesh,.

I don't know how she can do her homework with the antics going on around here.

Seriously, Pooh Bear, I said to quit gargling your milk (after this one last picture).


  1. I hope you enjoyed your mac and cheese!

  2. Love that she is wearing "The Dress" to dinner. So many people don't dress up for dinner these days.