Monday, November 8, 2010

A Bahamian Cruise

September 27 to  October 1, 2010

Or what I like to call the vacation where we battle Tropical Storm Nicole. It may have been "short lived" and "no big deal for Florida", but when this is your first "adults only" vacation in years (Thank you Grandma Tina for watching the crew while Mark and I were gone) well, you take it kinda personally.

Mark planned a cruise to the Bahamas for our 14th anniversary. (I know - he's a keeper.) We were both excited to get away for a couple of days and didn't let a little thing like a tropical storm get in the way of a relaxing, much needed, vacation.

Our first stop was in Key West, Florida, on Tuesday. The storm hadn't gotten that far yet so it was a beautiful day. We rented scooters and motored around the island and accomplished a little shopping. We hit the beach and in retrospect we probably should have spent more time there because it was the only beach time we saw.

Next we sailed to Nassau, Bahama where we enjoyed a little souvenir shopping while trying to avoid the sudden downpours. We had scheduled a snorkeling excursion but it was canceled.

We were supposed to hit one other island but due to the weather our ship stayed in Nassau an extra day. We re-scheduled our snorkeling excursion and were determined to do something other than nap and eat all day (the cookies were
A - maz - ing).

This photo was taken on the way to our doom snorkeling adventure.

In our zeal to "do something" on our vacation we failed to realize just how completely horrible, nauseating. . . Well it just was not a good idea to try snorkeling in 3 foot waves. The water was too murky to see anything and the waves would crash over your head and inundate your snorkel thingy with salt water. Yuck.

Despite our losing battle with a tropical storm, we actually had a really great vacation. Because we were stuck on the ship a lot, we could take a morning nap AND an afternoon nap. It was fabulous.

Mark has promised that the next vacation will be beachy, sunny, and the snorkeling will be non-terrifying.
Sign me up!


  1. One thing we have no control of is the weather and that's one of the things we really want to control! Next time go in January or February and you will love it! It will be a good break from the winter dull-drums. I'll watch the little ones!

  2. Awe, it reminds me of our tropical vacation to Cancun two years ago... During hurricane Ike... It was super fun, like when the plane dropped so fast one time that everyone flew out of their seats smashing into the top of the plane... Super fun... But watching the black skies over the blue water was pretty stunning.. :-/ At least you had some good alone time together! :)