Monday, June 7, 2010

Tent City

April 26, 2010

For Drama's 2nd Christmas Santa gave her 3 pop up tents and 2 tunnels. They all attach together in different configurations and, bonus, they fold up flat and slide under the couch. These have been the best gift ever. Every child and friend loves to play in these. Drama and Pooh Bear love to do their daily reading in them as well.
It should probably come as no surprise that The Boss and Aria love to play in them as well.


  1. So cute! I can't believe how long Anna's hair is getting. I totally need to buy something like that for Oliver. Any ideas where to buy them?

  2. Rosanna,

    Santa bought our tents from Amazon. They are made by "Playhut" and were about $99, if Santa remembers right. He also got a giant pile of the play pit balls to go with, which turned out to be a better idea in theory than in real life. Totally worth the money, which I can't say for half the toys we have in our house!