Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Grand Parade(s)

We just finished up Lehi Round-Up Rodeo week. Always big excitement for our fair city. With Round-Up week comes parades. Lots of parades. Our favorite is the Horse Parade, which was a big hit this year and will merit a post all it's own. But this year we were IN

the Grand Parade

The Grand Parade is really a bunch of Ward floats, some bands, school sports groups, and a few businesses. Our ward doesn't do a float every year, but this year we participated. The theme was "Guess What I Saw, Under a Tree ... All the Little Creatures God Created for Me."

All the little primary kids dressed up as bugs and walked behind the float, except Pooh Bear got to ride on the float as the Queen Butterfly. She was so very excited to be on the float.
~waiting patiently for the parade to begin, Saturday morning~

So, for some reason, this parade happens twice. Once Friday night (they judge the floats this time around) and once Saturday morning (where you get to flaunt your award).
~ trying to stay cool, Friday night~

~she's already smudged her face paint and we haven't even started moving~

Our float won the "Mayor's Award" and Drama was honored to carry the award in front of our procession. 

It has been cool/cold all month long but warmed up just in time for it to be uncomfortably warm along the parade route. But all the kids were troopers and were having too much fun to complain. I walked along with the float as one of the "parent helpers" and by the time we got home on Saturday I was exhausted. You know you are tired when you fall asleep on The Boss' bedroom floor and still get in a good nap even though you are sleeping on a pile of board books and several legos!

Apparently Pooh Bear was just as tired as I was....

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  1. The float looks great, what a lot of work they put into it. Its no surprise that it won an award. Pooh Bear and Drama look like they had too much fun. What an exciting day!