Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The One Where Aria Gets A Nickname

Okay, Okay, Okay already! I will announce to the world Aria's nickname. Several of you have asked me if we had thought of a nickname for her and I told you what it was. Well, I was wrong. As with many things in my life (too, too many things) The Boss made the final decision. I can have an opinion, sure, but in the end she makes all the decisions. 

 "And so without further gilding the lily and with no more ado, I give to you. . . "


or if you prefer


I know, kinda anti-climatic. But eh, what-cha gonna do 'bout it?

So, the story goes...I had a very cute nickname picked out, all ready to go, just needed to write the blog post and get it out there. Then The Boss decided to start (trying) to call things by what they are, i.e. B is for Baby (B is also for blanket, which she has much fonder affections for), Yo is for yogurt, Bou is for Book, Ju is for Juice, etc. Now that we have started expressing ourselves, the day typically goes something like this:

The Boss: "No, B, No! Mine!" (sometimes with a well placed shove, okay usually.)
Or when B has been slobbering on a toy that The Boss picks up, "Eeewww, B, growss."
A personal fav, "Go away, B!"

I hear it all the time, now I call her B too. (I've also started calling yogurt Yo. But that's just plain fun.)

So, there it is. I guess it's only fitting. My little brother gave me a nickname when he first started talking that stuck with me for a long while, "MeMe" and my friend Emily's little brother called her Emoe (M.O.E.) so her nickname became Moe. 

Here's to siblings that can't talk right yet and the great things that they say and make their parents interpret.
ps - if you can guess where the quote came from (the gilding the lily one) give yourself a big gold star. Billie? Got it? Hey also a "B", you're in good company.


  1. Boom - A Knights Tale. I win!

    I like Bea for a nickname. I was DeeDee until I was 5 or six. Silly Matt couldn't say any of our names.

  2. Some things are just taken out of our hands. When a nickname is given it pretty much sticks for a while. Bea it is.

  3. Matt still calls me wo-nanna. Maybe we should put him in speech therapy or something?