Monday, June 28, 2010

Swimming Lessons

We love swimming lessons and look forward to them every summer. This year Drama was in Level 4 and Pooh Bear was in Level 3.
~apparently I'm not sneaky enough~
 ~Drama swimming like a dolphin through the hoop~
~Drama's backstroke~
~pooh bear was always negotiating with her teacher, no wonder she didn't quite pass ;)~
~waiting for her turn or lost in thought?~
~she wasn't a big fan of getting her face wet, thus the negotiating~

While the big girls were swimming, the little girls were playing outside and having a great time.
~the Boss loved to use this little wall as a balance beam~
~and was always trying to hide from me and getting in trouble....~
~while Bea just wanted to practice her walking skills~
~or try to eat our dropped goldfish crackers out of the grass~

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