Monday, May 24, 2010

Easter Dresses

March 28, 2010

Because Easter was on Conference weekend this year, we wore our Easter dresses to church the week before.
The babies were still getting over their colds so they stayed home (surprise, surprise!) So the Boss is in her jammies but wanted to be in the photos. . .of course!

I have the cutest kids on the block, that's for sure.

Some of you may know about my itty bitty obsession with shoes. I found these beauties just in time to call them Easter shoes. They have become my favorites. I would wear them every Sunday, but I try to spread the shoe love around my closet :) I wouldn't want any of my shoes to feel sad.


  1. I would say these kids have the cutest faces in Utah and beyond!

  2. Remember, GrandT: They come from cute parents who came from....
    Oh well.
    Thank heavens for these definitely "cutenesses"!