Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Photographic Journey

Everyone asks me who Aria looks like out of the girls. I wasn't sure so I went looking for data, [in a creepy/dreamy voice over] through the sands of time. . . .

I tried to find pictures of the girls at roughly the same age. Now you can tell me who looks like who. Or is it who looks like whom? Whatever, you be the judge.

Drama, 6 months

Pooh Bear, 7 months

The Boss, 5 months

Aria, today @ 5 months, 20 days

Side bar: If there is one thing I have learned on my journey back through my girls photographic history it's that I am a really bad photographer. The only reason I can take semi-decent photos now: digital. Digital equals 3 million photos and one maybe two good ones. But at least I got the good ones and I can delete all evidence that I am the worst photographer known to mankind.

Also a plus for digital - it took me about 3 seconds to find a picture of the boss and 30 minutes to hunt through old photo books to find Drama and Pooh Bear's. Then I had to scan them in!

Oh, and another thing - digital files tell you what day you took the photo. So if you forgot to turn on the time/date stamp on the camera you still know exactly when you took the picture. Genius.

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  1. Honestly, I do think it is Ella, and it's not only her complexion & hair & eye color. Even Sara had no shortage of chubby cheeks, she has a different look, but really, photoshop them all into sepia & I probably could only pick out Anna. The boss has to have her own look so we will all know she upper management......