Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Oh - Nine

We had a wonderful Christmas in oh-nine. Grandma and Grandpa Van Horn stayed with us Christmas Eve and shared in the chaotic magic of Christmas morn. Some of the highlights include ALL the food that was consumed in the 30ish hours we where all together. Christmas Eve dinner was our "traditional Italian" feast (Italians eat a 7 fish dinner on Christmas Eve but that is 7 fish too many for me). We had melon wrapped in prosciutto and bruschetta antipasti. Dinner was homemade ragu with penne pasta, rosemary bread, Caesar salad with homemade Ceasar dressing (yummo), braciole, and a very mormon tiramisu for dessert.

The girls got everything they could ever want, Christmas morning. Drama and Pooh Bear got American Girl pets with ALL FOUR ACCESSORIES! Bless you Santa.

The Boss got a tool set. Everyone fights over loves it.

Aria got stuff that she doesn't really care about, but she's happy with everything. In fact she was asleep for most of the festivities!

For breakfast we had Mark's childhood favorite, candy cane bread with yummy fillings and frosting on top and Grandpa Van Horn's delicious (and oh so non-diet, non-heart friendly scrambled eggs.)

Christmas dinner was Ham, funeral potatoes, rolls, salad, asparagus and apple pie for dessert.

I was so tired by the end of the day. that might have had something to do wiht the marathon LEGO Rockband session we had going on (my first time playing the drums, which is really fun if you are on the super easy mode lego rockband has;))

Even though, as a mom, Christmas is way more stressful than it really should be with all the magic making going on, I finally got into the spirit just in time to have a wonderful Christmas with my wonderful family. I have thought so many times this year how very grateful I am for my family. I am so blessed to have so many people to love and that love me back.


  1. All that food sounds super yummy! By the way, I hope I managed to get you two books that you didn't already have... not likely. You'll have to let me know. :)

  2. Saw the pic's of you guys playing the WII on my Dad's camera. You were supposed to wear them out a little more. Dad went out horseback riding everyday when he was at our place. Bob told him that I was on No Restrictions and so we did a 3+ hour ride down to the American River (very beautiful). LOL

  3. I have a picture of the Weeeee (sp?) Rock Band: Bruce, Mark & Amy & one of the girls. I'll share it when I find. All I can fully remember is that Mark & Gpa have their mouths open. No comment.