Thursday, January 28, 2010

The One Where I Dye My Hair Orange

I have never been good at New Years Resolutions, so bad, I haven't even made them for the last couple of years. So, this year I decided to try something different. (Don't worry I'll be getting to the good part soon.) This year I decided that each month I would choose some thing to work on.

One thing, 31 days, max. I can do that, right? They say it takes 27 days to form a habit, so, maybe I will form a couple of good habits out of this experiment.

January's goal: Not to spend any unnecessary money.

I could buy groceries and gas and I had a Sonic budget (of course, I'm not totally insane). Every day I write down every penny I spend, where it was spent, and if it was cash/check/VISA. 31 days with out spending unnecessary money. In retrospect what I really should have kept track of was everything that I wanted to buy, that I really needed, but didn't. That would take an entire notebook. But I digress, lets get to the fun part. . .

I decided to color my hair, it's been a while, a long while. But remember, not spending money, so I did it myself. I've colored my hair at home before and it's turned out pretty good. This time not so much. The dye had too much red and my hair had too much blonde. Mixed together they make a very nice shade of orange. Pooh Bear thinks "it would be perfect for Halloween, the orange and the black together."

So, because I am not spending money and color correction costs money, my hair is orange. I don't know, it's kinda growing on me. . .


  1. At least its not purple. I've done purple.

  2. I've done pink and super jet black. It doesn't look too bad.