Monday, May 25, 2009


May 25, 2009

Drama has wanted her ears pierced for years. I told her that she had to be 8 before she could get them pierced. This was the rule when I was growing up, so it seemed logical. However, as 8 has drawn closer 12 seemed like a better number to me. But, there was no going back, 8 was out there and 8 it would have to be.

So, today, at 7 years 363 days old, Drama got her ears pierced.

She was so excited.

She knew it would hurt.

She was totally ready.

The lady that pierced them walked her through what would happen and how to take care of her ears later.

Drama said, "Oh, I know how. My mom told me that I have to put wine on them to keep them clean." Wine is alcohol people and would work if it was all you had on hand! ;)

Then Drama picked out her first pair of earrings, her birthstone, and it was over. She now has two new holes in her head that God did not put there.

Pooh Bear went with her to hold her hand and give her moral support. (From the other side of the store. Pooh Bear is not good with stress or trauma. She went to look at the necklaces and things for the duration of the piercing. She kept yelling across the store, "are you done yet?" She wasn't coming back until it was done!) And yes, they are caring purses, each one with $2 to be spent after at the Dollar Store.Before, (the puppy on her lap came for support)...During...After, left ear...And after, right ear...

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  1. This brings back memories! Drama looks very grown up and I love the purses!!