Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dance Festival

May 26, 2009

This is the famous Dance Festival held every year in the soccer field at the elementary school. Parents and siblings bring folding chairs and strollers and sit in the baking sun to try and catch a glimpse of their child somewhere out there on the field shaking their stuff.

This year Drama, in the second grade, danced to a song from High School Musical. Sorry, I don't know which one, but it was sports related, hence all the uniforms. I was lucky to sit in the relative vicinity and actually got to see her dance.
It's so hard to take pictures with a digital camera in the sun. I mostly just held the camera up and hoped to get a good picture!

Pooh Bear, in Kindergarten, danced to the Hookie Lau. The kids were in chaos because the morning and the afternoon classes performed together at the festival but had never practiced together. Pooh Bear was in a pack of about 15 kids on the corner of the side I sat on, so I really couldn't see her. But she did great if all her practicing is any indication! (She turned around and faced the other way and all the kids around her clumped together, so this is the only shot I got of her on the field.)I took this picture after to get an action shot. She was hamming it up for the camera.

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  1. What a fun way to end the school year, they both love to perform! Are you ready for summer?