Monday, February 2, 2009

Last Day of Year 0

Today is The Boss' last day being 0. She was way too cute today to not take these pictures. She was helping me make dinner and was having a great time doing it!

We also got the safety tats in the mail (Friday - that's why Drama's hair isn't done. Friday is Drama's "do your own hair day") and wanted to test them out right away (of course). Here are the girls sporting their cool tats. (yes, Billie, that's my Sonic, the only one of the day btw, in the background;)

Today was a surprise "no school" day. I swear I gotta pay closer attention. I discovered it Saturday, so I didn't actually get to school or anything, but we weren't prepared for a stay home day. All worked out well. Luckily we have fun friends that we like to play with and had a great day doing that.

Tomorrow for the BIG birthday party we are having rice for dinner, The Boss' fave, cupcakes for dessert, and of course one or two presents. We went low key this year. When you are turning one and the box and wrapping paper are the best part of the present, Mom doesn't feel like you need a whole lot! It's more fun to play with her sister's things anyway. They are really patient with her. They try to play littlest pet shops, while protecting their toys from The Boss but not getting too mad at her. They are great big sisters!


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Anna - Its great to be--one!

  2. What could be better than a Sonic and Wheat Thins?! That's my whole diet!

    Oh, and happy birthday Anna!

  3. Love the tats! My, they grow up so fast, no wonder these b-days fly by.

  4. The Tat's are way too cool. Also I need to follow your direction in the Friday free hair day. Olivia and I fight just about every morning about her hair. She keeps telling me "It doesn't need to be perfect" and I tell her that if I don't do it perfect I will obsess about it all day. Yes I admit I have a a few OCD issues.

    Happy B-day Anna!!!!!!

  5. I'm the same way about the hair! I follow all these hair blogs that show intricate (Sara says fancy) hair dos and want to try them all. Free hair day gives me a little leverage when I want to do something really crazy!