Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Food Storage Brain Freeze

I was reading my March Ensign today and came across an article about Family Home Storage. I have always thought that I do pretty well at this food storage thing. I have basement shelves full of caned and boxed food as well as the big cans of random dried veggies, fruits, flour and sugar. But lately I have been thinking, "If I had to live on my "food storage" for a month or even a week, could we eat solely from our food storage? And what exactly constitutes food storage? The cans and boxes and bags, sure but what about the freezer full of meat? Does that count? And could we really eat the freeze dried veggies and fruit if we had to?" All the church material is pretty vague and I need details people!

What do you all do for your food storage? What are some of your ideas for what you store and how you plan to use it in the future or how you use it now?


  1. We'd probably last 5.3 hours, would get tired of the pallet of black olives Ryan made me by from Costco, and then raid the mexican restaurant down the street for their refried beans.

  2. Bob and I have really been working on our food storage. We store stuff we eat. I think if you are always using and replishing your food storage you will always save money and if something terrible happens and you or Mark lose your jobs you can live off of it for a period of time. At the first of the year I went to our local ACE Hardware and purchased painters lids that attach to 5 gal buckets. The lids are so cool since they screw into itself and your not spending 5 min. trying to pull off a lid (the girls can open them). Anyway I purchased flour, sugar, rice, powdered sugar, and brown sugar from costco. We also take advantage of the 10 items for $10.00 at safeway (noodle roni, chili, beans, granola bars, oatmeal, ect).

    Have fun and hope this helps.

  3. The stuff you have in your freezer/fridge do constitute food storage. I would have to add that you need some cash in the house too so you can purchase veggies & meats from the store if you're out of work. 3-6 months of an emergency fund in a savings account (money to pay your basic expenses) is ideal but if you can get 1 months now and then add to it, you're in better shape than most people.