Monday, April 11, 2011


It's Spring Break Week! Yea!

To fill our time today we learned a little about espionage. I ordered a couple of super cool science-on-the-go test tubes stuffed with mini experiments inside.
{Fresh spies, just out of spy school}

Today we learned how to write in code so no one else can read our super secret plans. We also learned about cracking rival spy codes. Then the best part, we learned how to make an intruder alarm!

Now, I am no electrician, so the wiring was....not great, but we worked it out. I guess since these experiments are recommended for 8 year olds it was inevitable that I would struggle.
{Do NOT try and sneak into our art closet!}

{You will be caught for sure!}

We really should have put it a little higher on the door. After Bea woke up from her nap she thought it would be nice to eat the experiment.

Science is awesome!


  1. Such a fun thing to do! What? They were learning too? Who knew learning could be this much fun!!

  2. Maybe Bea has a "copper deficiency"?? I think there's a blood test for that. Or perhaps a penny glued to the end of her "pacci"?